Ilana Glazer This round of beerpong will be a must-watch.

Uber Go/Get pratner has confirmed that she will not join season one cast members Sam Richardson, Zoë ChaoAnd Tiffany Haddish Season 2 of Apple TV+ Afterparty. CelebHomes News: “I am not going to tease that,” she said. “I won’t be in the cast.”

Naturally, Ilana already has a bit of FOMO about filming, which began on May 11, admitting that she and her co-stars—including Ike BarinholtzBen Schwartz and others—already told Sam, Zoë and Tiffany that they’re not allowed to make another group chat with the new actors. “We really don’t want it to be started,” she said, “and we really don’t want them to have more fun than us.”

Even so, the actress can’t wait to see the newcomers—Zach WoodsElizabeth PerkinsPoppy LiuPaul Walter HauserJack WhitehallVivian WuJohn ChoAndKen Jeong—in action. This will be an instant hit especially since Tiffany is back to serve as Det. Danner: “Anything Tiffany touches becomes gold.”