Jayne shared an update on her relationship life, after the May 11th premiere. RHOBHShe said that she was “having lots of sex” in the time between her divorce and separation.

She laughed and said, “I’m open,” She said, “I am just trying to get back out there. It’s awkward. Hook me up. “I don’t use dating apps as I am afraid of unknowns. It must be someone who is familiar with me.”

Co-star? Sutton Stracke‘s comment that—presumably unlike Jayne—she doesn’t need to date rich men, the singer had this to say.  

Good for her. She said she didn’t, and added, “And if that was what I want to do, I would, and would, have already done it.” Trust me. I have been offered. However, I don’t feel like that in my current life.

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