Yes, Emily in Paris is full of love triangles, bold fashion, quotable quips and SoMany berets. But don’t lose sight of the main point: A US expat who moved to Paris to find work.

And while there’s been some confusion about Emily Cooper’s age in the past, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Chicago transplant is boasted as some sort of marketing wunderkind. I have to admit that Miss Emily is a brilliant marketing communication major. Lily CollinsThis deserves high praise.

Emily, who worked at Savoir in French marketing has experienced as many loses as wins. Sylvie, for instance, was the winner of Season 1’s first season.Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) fired Emily for shaking major client Pierre Cadault’s confidence. And this wasn’t Emily last hiccup, as in season two, the Savoir newbie upset Pierre once again by having his archenemy pose with his prototype product.

As an example, I have taken one course in corporate communication and I am still not satisfied with the results. If Pierre was such an important client, you’d 100 percent know who his enemy is. And you would not allow said rival to debut your work-in-progress collaboration.