Alex RodriguezJenny is a block-wide favorite and she has everything to do with her respect.

While it’s been more than a year since he and Jennifer LopezThe former MLB player broke up with his wife, but he still has questions about the woman who was a part of him for four years. How does he feel now about her?

“Here’s what I will tell you about Jennifer,” Alex said in CelebHomes News’ exclusive clip from iHeartRadio’s Martha Stewart Podcast. “She is one of the most gifted human beings I have ever seen, she’s the hardest working person I know and I believe that she’s today’s greatest live performer.”

Although their relationship didn’t have a happily ever after, Alex—who has daughters Natasha17. Ella, 14—doesn’t regret the experience. In fact, host Martha Stewart asked if the relationship was exhilarating, the athlete recalled fond memories with the mom of two.

In the episode of July 13, he stated that “I don’t feel bored” in any activity he does. Every day I wake up feeling grateful for all that I have. But, look at how much fun we had. More importantly, we always put the kids front and center in everything we do.”