It’s all out of the bag. 

Black Mirror season six is set to be a good one, with multiple outlets reporting Josh Hartnett, Aaron PaulZazie Beetz, Kate Mara, Paapa EssieduAnjana VasanDanny Ramirez, Clara Rugaard And Auden Thornton are starring in the genre-bending series. 

Netflix declined to comment.

The anthology series has many other features that fans can look forward to. There will be six episodes of the sixth season, with each episode being more cinematic than in previous seasons. Variety. We can anticipate additional casting announcements as the cast members announced are set to appear on three episodes.

Although this doesn’t give much insight, it is enough to make viewers happy that they have any choice. The series creators will return in 2020 Charlie Brooker said that he didn’t have plans for additional seasons since the coronavirus pandemic seemed dystopian enough. His explanation was that “I’m not sure what stomach would have for stories about societies crumbling apart so I’m no longer working on those.” “I was keen to refresh my comical skills so I started writing scripts with the intention of making myself laugh.”