But so much of his daughter-related lyrics reflect his fear of not being there for them, whether because he’s on the road or, more often, because he’s gone for good, a scenario he alludes to in 2017’s “Arose”: “Smile pretty for pictures, always cherish each other / I’ll always love ya / And I’ll be in the back of your memory / And I know you’ll never forget me / Just don’t get sad when remembering.”

So it makes perfect sense that he said this in 2011. Rolling Stone He believed that being a father was about “just being there”. You don’t want to miss out on anything. Whatever the situation, I will be there if there is anything of importance. Assisting with their homework as you can. My older children have the hardest grades. He added with a laugh, “I never even passed ninth grade. These kids are already smarter than I am. (He had since completed his GED.)

It broke his heart when they were apart, as he was admitted to hospital in 2007 after a Methadone overdose.

Eminem said, “I thought I had been out for 2 days and I wasn’t aware it was Christmas.” Rolling Stone. “So I decided to call my children as soon as possible. I wanted to get home, and show them that Dad’s OK.” It was “definitely” hard to miss the holiday, not to mention Hailie’s Dec. 25 birthday. It’s hard to be a father and want to be with your children. It isn’t fun to have to deal with.