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There are countless makeup brands that have been created by celebrities. Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty stands out from the pack. From the first moment, we loved the liquid blushes, soft-to touch matte lipsticks, as well as the natural-looking highlighters. Since the launch of the first collection, we have eagerly awaited each product release.

Selena offers us all today a Christmas treat: she has new products for you to choose from. You can spend the Sephora gift cards you received for Christmas, or treat yourself with a gift from Selena.

The spring 2022 collection features three new shades for the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, as well as brand-new products such as the bronzer stick and radiant setting powder.

Just because you (probably) got a bunch of gifts today, you don’t have to “Slow Down” with the shopping. You can “Come and Get It”, because the new collection “Good For You.” If you want products that make people say “Look at Her Now” when you pass by, Rare Beauty is just what you need to create radiant looks with zero fuss.