It’s no secret that everybody likes to peek inside the homes and estates of the rich and the famous. Celebs are known to lead extravagant lifestyles and their abodes reflect that luxury. From having luxurious swimming pools to lavish living rooms, film stars have a taste worth emulating. You too can make your flat a little more lavish by copying these simple hacks.

Create a striking entryway

Check out Kris Jenner’s entryway and feel inspired by her sense of taste and style. While you don’t have to buy an estate for creating this kind of an entryway, you can surely make the entrance to your living room more lavish by placing antique objects on the sides. There is no limit to getting inspired while designing an elegant entry way.

Creating a well appointed entry way is easier said than done. For starters, let your visitor feel warm and cozy here as soon as he or she arrives. Your hot air went should be up and running; get a BOXT boiler repair team in your house to fix faulty vents if needed. Paint the walls white, and consider placing a big mirror too in this space.

Set up your entertainment zone

If you have been thinking of having your own ‘home cinema’ seize the moment now. You don’t have to actually buy some expensive movie equipment to set up this cinema. All you need to do is to convert your extra room into a small ‘movie theater’; one of your walls is the screen, and facing it can be a few chairs and sofas.

Project your cinema on to the wall using some inexpensive but good quality projectors. These days, you can even share your mobile phone content on your TV screen by connecting the two with HDMI wires. Show your guests what you have on your phone; your photos, videos, music albums, etc. Soundproof your room by following this simple DIY tip.

Make your rooms ‘bigger’

You don’t have to buy an expensive property to have big rooms. Even if you have a modest flat downtown, you can make it quite spacious by following very simple hacks: paint your walls white or light yellow. Coloring the walls of your living room in light shades (white, cream, peach, yellow or light green) makes your room appear bigger and more expansive.

Another tip that you can follow is to have bigger windows in your room. When you have large windows in your room, the message goes out that you are a woman or man with good taste. French windows can impress your visitors no end. Bigger windows have another important utility also; they let in ample air and sunshine and keep you healthy.

Walk-in robes

Nothing impresses guests more than having a walk-in robe. This is a place where house owners can hang up their coats, hats, bags and even stilettos. Many A-listers have this facility in their country houses and mansions. There are other things, too, that you can emulate. For instance, you can have a fireplace in your living room to liven things up for your guests.