Are you in love with French decor?

Many people who fall in love with French decorations want to bring them into every aspect of their home. This includes their bedrooms, where people spend some of their most peaceful and personal hours. 

But how do you do a French style bedroom? Are there any specific dos and don’ts?

We love a French style bedroom design, and we want to help you implement the beauty of French decor into your home. But if you want to truly dedicate your space to the French style, there are some things you need to know. 

Below, we’ll go into some advice as to how to implement the French design into your bedroom. Keep reading to learn more!

Do: Use Cream-Colored, Neutral Toned Paint

French bedrooms are known for their beautiful, neutral toned walls. No matter what you’re trying to create with the rest of your decor, neutral walls are a must. We recommend painting your walls first before designing the rest of the room to make sure your decorations suit the overall color and atmosphere.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own sense of style, though. You can use any color of neutral tone, from the warmer beige hues to the cooler, darker grays. To fully explore your options, visit your local paint store and ask to see their more neutral options. You’ll likely be able to find something that suits your personality and matches your French style ideals!

Don’t: Overuse Vibrant or Neon Colors

Often, people envision their rooms full of vibrant colors, but if you’re going for French country style bedroom, you should keep these hues as accents.

Much of French decoration bases itself off of more muted, lighter shades. If you want to add pops of color, consider doing so through l lighter versions of your favorite tones, or keep the vibrant shades limited to a few pieces.

Do: Hang a Chandelier

Do you want to dress up your room in a simple yet elegant way?

Many people who use French design incorporate chandeliers into their bedrooms. 

Now, if you’re thinking “How will a large, glittery chandelier fit into my room decor?” don’t worry. Chandeliers don’t have to be glittery (or even large) to add a sense of Frenchness to your bedroom. Instead, opt for chandeliers that rustic wood or gold with faux candlesticks. This will give you the grandeur of a French style bedroom without making you feel like it’s too overbearing.

Don’t: Settle for a Common Ceiling Fan

Whether or not you choose to go for a chandelier, don’t settle for common light fixtures. While a ceiling fan may seem like the easiest addition to your home, it won’t do much to add to the overall French feel.

Instead, if you need some extra light, invest in some elegant, French lamps. These often come small enough to fit on your nightstand, and they serve as wonderful accent pieces in addition to providing light to the room.

Do: Frame Your Windows with Linen Curtains

Do you have some beautiful linen curtains to hang over your windows?

Windows provide natural light in a room and are often key parts of French style bedrooms. To accent these windows, though, you shouldn’t just use any regular curtains. Instead, in the traditional French manner, you should choose your favorite linen material. This frames your windows in a simple yet elegant way.

Don’t: Use Blinds

You want to keep your windows as open-looking as possible. Even though blinds look wonderful in many homes, they’re not particular to the French way of decoration.

If you want something more than just one sheet of glass, though, consider installing several window panels, separated by strips of white wood. This will help the room maintain its French feel while giving the windows something more than just a single pane of glass.

Do: Take Advantage of the Charm of Distressed Furniture

Want to know the secret to making your room appear rustic, elegant, and French?

Get some key pieces of distressed furniture. Often, some piece of furniture come pre-distressed to give them an older and more rustic feel. It can add character to your room and become one of your favorite pieces in the future. 

When you buy distressed furniture, you give your bedroom the impression of being older without lending it a run-down feel.

Don’t: Distress Your Furniture Yourself

When you think about adding distressed furniture to your collection, you might be hesitant to spend money on more pieces than you already own. After all, furniture can be expensive.

If this sounds like you, you find yourself tempted to distress your own furniture. Yet, you should refrain from doing this.


Unless you have furniture that you don’t care about, you run the risk of ruining your good furniture. If you do, you’ll end up having to purchase new furniture anyway, and you may regret destroying your home decor.

Think About an Inviting Interior

At the heart of every French style bedroom is an inviting interior.

No matter which colors, lighting fixtures, curtains, or furniture you select, having an inviting interior, in which you want to bask and relax. You should always seek to make your French themed bedrooms design match your own personal tastes. 

Ready to Have a French Style Bedroom?

Are you ready to have a French style bedroom?

Many people find themselves drawn to the elegance and style of French bedrooms. If you follow the advice above and focus on creating a room with neutral tones, hang a chandelier, frame your windows with linen curtains, and have distressed furniture, you will be well on your way to creating a French bedroom!

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