The Beginning of Anna SitarThe story of ‘Stanley’ is similar to most TikTok users.

Having just moved to L.A. from Marshall, Michigan (population: 7,000), the recent college grad downloaded the addictive video app in April 2019 because, well, why not? Her friends all did it. CelebHomes News: “At that time, I had a long-distance relationship. I lived alone. I didn’t even know anyone.” “So, I was like, ‘You know what? “I’m just going to make videos for entertainment.

After completing her engineering degree, she was about to start grad school. She said that it felt right to practice storytelling and “get comfortable using the phone and the camera”.

It’s no surprise that she was able to understand the task. Thanks to her “I Don’t Want It” series dreaming up her future, her daily runs to Starbucks (or Starbies, for the true fans) her uncanny ability to always be a ray of freakin’ sunshine, she has amassed 11.2 million followers— including Paris Hilton, JoJo Siwa and Shay Mitchell—and been named one of TikTok’s breakthrough artists of 2021 alongside Emily Mariko, Jonathan GrazianoAnd, oh, right! Taylor Swift.