According to Columbus, Williams also played another key role in the film, in addition to his delightful characters. The film’s producer and he. Marsha Garces Williams, who was Robin’s wife from 1989 to 2010, were the first to pitch the idea of setting the story in San Francisco. 

Columbus initially admitted that he was nervous. His explanation was that Columbus had never been to San Francisco in the past two days. I said “Well, let’s take a look at the city to get an idea of whether it’s suitable for the film.”

In less than a week, he had joined Robin’s decision and added, “[I]I was inspired by the beauty of so many locations in a short time and decided to shoot it all in San Francisco.

In fact, he loved the location so much that he decided the film would become a “partial love letter to the city as well,” with memorable scenes shot all across the city and the Bay Area.