Tan France becomes a U.S. citizen, excited to vote

With the holidays approaching, Tan FranceYou can’t help feeling the magic.

His first surrogate child was born with his husband. Rob FranceThe July issue of the Queer Eye star is preparing to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year as a father for the very first time. He may feel holly-jolly, but that’s an understatement.

Tan shared his thoughts exclusively with CelebHomes News: “The holidays can be lovely but they are really for children.” He won’t understand what is going on because he’s so young. Next year however, I am certain that he will smile with joy as his excitement grows.

He continued: “The holidays, according to my opinion, are exponentially more enjoyable now that I have a kid.” Our family loves to travel. While my husband and I enjoy a great time, having a child adds a special touch to it.

Tan showed his holiday spirit quickly by setting aside the Halloween decorations on November 1 and decorating the Christmas tree. Already, he plans to match his pajamas and baby boy with matching pajamas.