In Spooky Season was less popular Prince HarryAnd Meghan Markle’s home.

The Duchess of Sussex—who made a surprise appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Nov. 18—sat down with her friend and chatted about their eventful Halloween night. The 40-year old said, “We came home to see you guys.” “But we wanted something fun for them and then they were not interested in it at all.”

Meghan also shared the news that Harry’s 2-year old son was hers. ArchieHis costume was not what he wanted. She stated, “Archie was only a dinosaur for five minutes.” Ellen reminded her that Archie didn’t last very long in his costume.

He was finally coerced by Harry to wear his hair down,” the talkshow host continued.

Their 5-month-old daughter, LilibetHer costume was a tribute to Disney’s classic, and it made her mother blush. Meghan said, “She wasn’t a big skunk.” “Like Flower Bambi.”

Halloween at home may have been a bust this year, but Harry and Meghan weren’t too bothered—especially because they were once able to have one last incognito hurrah in 2016—prior to confirming their relationship.