Putting her big girl panties on—literally. 

Spanx founder Sara Blakely hit more than a few speed bumps on her way to becoming a shapewear mogul, and an exclusive sneak peek at CelebHomes’s True Hollywood Story special, Billionaires: Fearless, Fierce and Filthy RichPremiering tonight, November 15, a new glimpse into Sara’s perseverance to succeed is. 

In the video, Sara says that she went home after being rejected by every North Carolina hosiery maker. She was determined to keep her ideas alive, despite the rejections by every hosiery manufacturer in North Carolina. “But her father taught her early lessons about accepting failure as an opportunity for learning. 

Stephanie WetzelAuthor of The Spanx StoryAfter being turned down by a manufacturer, Sara was surprised to receive a call from an unknown source. Stephanie says that he said “I had two daughters, and I told them about the product” and then they added, “That’s incredible, she needs your help.” “He stated, “I think it’s insane, but I will help you.”