You can be away from your husband. Joe Gorga This was no easy feat in and of itself. 

“By and by, I am in his DMs everyone!” Melissa joked. “I know the password and the code. I’m all set in that. It’s all there, but keep it professional. Sometimes they will take my photo that I posted and say, “Twosome?” He will be grateful.” 

Melissa joked, “It gives you peace of heart. He can’t accuse. The password to my cell phone is his. This stops many arguments between couples. This has worked especially well with me. Housewives. “I think that we are the longest married couple!” 

Check out the interview below to find out more about Joe and the porn DMs he receives. Also, why the fans are eagerly awaiting the video Ultimate Girls Trip for “over a decade”!  

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Premieres on Thursday, November 18th at Peacock 

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