Another concertgoer attended Travis ScottAstroworld Festival Houston has been cancelled.

Attorney Ben Crump, 9-year-old Ezra BlountBrain trauma sustained in crowd surge caused death.

Crump representing the family stated that “The Blount Family tonight is mourning the incomprehensible death of their young son.” Crump made the statement to CelebHomes News, Sunday, Nov. 14. This should not have happened when they took their son to see a concert. It should have been an occasion for joy. Ezra’s tragic death is truly heartbreaking. We will seek justice and answers for the Blount families. We stand tonight in solidarity and prayer with the family in our grief.

Crump claims that Blount suffered life-threatening injuries. He was put on medically induced life support to treat trauma to the brain, liver, and kidneys. 

Crump, along with his counsel, filed an earlier lawsuit alleging negligence in relation to crowd control. Blount, the tenth-youngest victim in the tragedy, is also the first.