A Bravo match made in heaven. 

Paige DeSorboAnd Craig ConoverEven though they may have been staring on each other, it is possible that they did not get to know one another. Winter House—the series that took a mix of Summer HouseAnd Southern Charm cast members, along with some of their pals, on a two-week vacation to  Vermont—but their relationship is currently anything but cold. 

The couple is now in a relationship, despite having remained in a platonic partnership for the entire time. Winter House, which has its season finale tonight.

“It is a lot of good-byes and how relationships end or keep going on,” Paige said during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopTuesday, November 24, 2004 “So you can see how all of us ended our trip.

Paige and Craig plan to celebrate Thanksgiving together, according to Paige. She revealed that they recently celebrated with Craig’s family in Delaware, and he’s now en route to “tropical Albany, New York” so they can spend the holiday with her’s.