That was your feeling?

Hawkeye’s Nov. 23 episode two introduced a new character who got fans’ hearts pumping—and had viewers watching that final scene on repeat. Clint, also known as Hawkeye, is the star of “Hide and Seek.”Jeremy Renner), helps Kate (Hailee SteinfeldTracksuit mafia – a murder mystery in real life.

Hawkeye has been ordered by a certain person to be brought to Kate. Kate attempts to save him by bringing him to a storage facility. Both end up stuck in the same building because things do not go according to plan. The sound of pounding music, and the red light that is emanating from a corner where a woman listens to music, creepily surround them. The bass vibrations are felt by her and she only looks at the band member who tells her about their conquest. This is our introduction to the show’s newest character, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox(also known as Echo the Superhero).