It’s time for a Barbie Tingz moment of truth!

Here’s a sneak peak at the fourth part of this article Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, airing Sunday, Nov. 28, shows rapper Nicki Minaj taking her rightful throne next to the Housewives—and the “Chun Li” singer ready to ask the tough questions about Candiace DillardYour own musical career. 

“Scale between one and 10, prior to that video being released, how successful do YOU think the song would be?” Nicki was the reunion host and asked: RHOP Candiace single, “Drive Back” 

Mia Thornton snapped, “Negative two.” 

“From a place of hater-ation,” Candiace quipped. 

Mia replied, “From an honest place, sorry.” 

Karen HugerCandiace was immediately reassured by Nicki that “it was a nine.” Nicki laughs and calls out Mia for believing it was a “whack tune” without even hearing it. 

Karen stated, “Look Candiace can sing. You get a 9 for effort and a 9 for talent.