King confirmed that season two will come sooner than anticipated, insisting, “You won’t need to wait another year”, and that they aim to have the filming finished by June.

Matriarch Kris Jenner—who also acts as an executive producer on The Kardashians—says the freedom of being on Hulu has been a boon for the show and its fans.

Jenner stated on the podcast, “The beauty of streaming networks is that they can wrap these episodes quickly and get them to the viewers as soon a possible.” They feel as if they are following the story and not trying catch up on something that occurred six to eight months before.

What about whether it is okay? Pete Davidson—whose voice made an appearance on the first season finale—will appear in the flesh in season two, King said that’s entirely up to him.

She said that Kim never attempted to convince Pete. It’s up to your significant other. They can join the fun if they wish. This is something we’re willing to do. Pete is well-known. Kim has said before, ‘When the cameras are rolling for him, it’s performance time; When the cameras are rolling for this family, it’s time to get real.’ You’re a different type of muscle.