A source close to Kim recently told CelebHomes News the relationship between them has become more serious. It was so strong that Pete felt it was an “natural progression to spend time with his children.” The insider said that Kim loves the fact she can depend on Pete to bring her children to activities. This takes the stress out of their relationship. It’s a great idea, she says. Pete has a great relationship with the children and they love him.”

Kanye will continue to be part of the lives and loves of her children. She was on hand to greet the audience. Today, Kim said that she and the kids had a big Father’s Day dinner with the rapper⁠, who she filed for divorce from in February 2021 after six years of marriage⁠.

“North cooking,” she said. “Officially, I want to respect and honor the incredible fathers and mothers in my life who have raised me. Everything is good.

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