The Real Housewives of DubaiIt is more than just one way to make history.

In addition to being the first time the series has gone international, Bravo’s latest installment—set in the Arab world—features two Muslim Housewives: Nina AliAnd Sara Al Madani.

It’s a new—and important—perspective for viewers to bear witness to: They are representing multidimensional, successful Arab woman who are blending modern life with centuries-old cultural traditions.

“I have been watching” The HousewivesNina spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News about her many years of experience. “Now to actually be on a franchise that represents Middle Eastern women, I feel like, ‘Wow, finally!’ “I want to show the world how Middle East women live their lives and how they see the world.

But it is pretty normal. It is for Housewives. So far, viewers have seen Nina and Sara make their homes more welcoming with bakhoor (a traditional Arabic incense), teach cultural customs to their children and celebrate Thanksgiving Arab-American style.