The red scarf is back.

Taylor SwiftJust dropped her music video for “I Bet You Think About Me”, which she just released. Chris StapletonMonday November 15th, 2009. As it turns out Blake LivelyAfter the Grammy winners’ re-recorded, he also directed the video and co-wrote it. Red album.

Miles Teller is at the center of the music video as the guy who can’t seem to move on from his ex—aptly played by Taylor—even at his own wedding. She’s everywhere he sees: He’ll be rehearsing vows and she will appear the next while she’s walking around the reception in different red outfits.

One appearance stands out from the rest. As Miles’ character pictures Taylor delivering a rousing speech, she pulls out a present for the bride—played by none other than Miles’ wife in real life, Keleigh Teller.

What are the contents of this gift box? The gift box contains a red scarf that looks very familiar.