Actor, singer, writer, and host already accomplished Neil Patrick HarrisSoon, he will be taking on the most difficult role of all: being a father to teenage boys.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “You spend a lot time with children as parents trying to instill values, humor and agency with their kids.” Daily PopApril 16. “You can kind of see what happens now that they have grown up and no longer like you.”

Neil welcomed twins HarperAnd Gideon Burtka–Harris Together with your husband David BurtkaIn 2010. Now, the siblings are inching closer and closer to teenagerhood. Neil stated that they will turn 12 in October. This will also be their golden anniversary. Neil joked, adding, “This means they will want a big-ass celebration.”

Currently on-location for his latest project in Cardiff, Wales, Neil won’t get to spend this Father’s Day in person with his family, but he did share some of his best fatherly advice with Daily Pop‘s Justin SylvesterAnd Loni In love.