To Chris EvansTo take up Buzz Lightyear’s mantel, it meant to honor the original voice actor.

It’s hard to touch the things you love. Tim AllenChris only told CelebHomes News that Chris did. Daily Pop“So you must honor it and use that as a guide, while still trying to find your own way to interpret it.”

When Disney and Pixar called him about making Buzz’s story come to life, the Marvel actor was delighted. LightyearThe film premieres on June 17. Chris admitted that he was initially hesitant.

My team phoned and said that they had everyone. “Usually, if everybody is on the call it’s either really great news or really terrible news,” he said. Daily Pop. They said that Pixar had a movie. They’d like to pitch it. We were told that Buzz Lightyear was their pitch. They said Buzz Lightyear. I replied, “Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear. But OK.”

Chris shared his happiness with the world in an Instagram post following the announcement of the film. He wrote that he smiled the entire time.