CelebHomes News: What are the life experiences you drew from for this project?

Nick Cannon: Everything. I mean, this my entire adult life. There have been many heartbreaks. In so many cases, I have been the one who has been hurt. I feel like this gives people a real authentic look into who I am—from the vulnerable side to the egotistical sides. The confessions are like the broken heart of someone looking for love.

CelebHomes: How do you hope your fans will take this mixtape away? 

NC: It’s the art. This level of vulnerability and honesty has never been possible before. This gives us the chance to express our emotions. It feels like people often see different parts of me but never get to know me as a person and my approach to things. I want them to be able to experience the real me through my project.

CelebHomes – You collaborated with some amazing people to create this mixtape. How was collaboration with Brandy like? What is her top advice?

NC:The lyrics are in the song. It was her reaction that she said, “Yo, it’s time to get up. We are now grown.” The same things I did as when I was a teenager are still being done today. It was an honor to be under the guidance of one the most influential voices of all time. I was like, “Wow! This is the GOAT!” She’s teaching me how it works. That was quite a bit of fun.

CelebHomes – You refer to a lot the women in you life on this mixtape. How do they feel about it?

NC: They know me and they are like, “Oh, here he goes again.” They are so generous and loving especially with art. While I am not trying to appear messy, one must speak up and be real.