BrittanyAnd Jason Aldean just experienced a scary parenting first.

Brittany shared an Instagram Story on May 17 that revealed the identity of her son, a 4-year-old boy. Memphis Aldean WilliamsHis first trip to E.R.

She wrote, “Our day turned when Mems fell in the pool.. two stitches below his chin.. and our first official visit to the E.R.” Alongside a picture of Memphis giving a thumbs-up while lying on a hospital mattress with an iPad.

Brittany finished her article by thanking her “great nurses”, and the “one great doc”, who took care of her son.

What is Memphis’ status post-stitches scare? Brittany assured followers, “He’s doing great… mama’s heart, not so much.”

Jason used social media to spread the word by posting a photo from Memphis to his Story.

Jason said that little man was taken to the ER for his first time today. He needed two stitches but he handled it like a pro. Rockin’ back home.