Hollywood celebrates Juneteenth in many different ways. 

Following President Joe Biden made June 19—or Juneteenth, as it’s commonly referred to—a federal holiday in the United States, many stars are sharing what the day means to their families.

To Holly Robinson PeeteThe weekend was marked by Juneteenth’s hosting of the HollyRod Foundation Design Care 2022 charity function. This event has been celebrated in her home for many decades.  

“We were raised on Juneteenth. I knew what Juneteenth was when I was a little girl. CelebHomes News told her that Galveston was something she had learned about. My father was a Black scholar. He inspired many of the HollyRod Foundation’s projects. He was also a historian of Black culture. So I knew about Galveston so I’m happy to see all these years later, that Juneteenth is being celebrated…I’m glad to see the world catching up.”

Juneteenth marks the 1865 arrival Gen. Gordon Granger and Union soldiers to Galveston, Texas where they announced to the remaining enslaved African-Americans that the Civil War had ended and they were free. According to Holly, these milestones in American history should be talked about.