Faith HillAfter agreeing to be a star in the movie, she found herself in an awkward situation Taylor Sheridan‘s 1883. 

In the movie, actress Jennifer Lawrence stars. Yellowstone prequel series as Margaret Dutton, a role that had some surprising requirements—like not shaving her armpits. This was a request that came down from the show creator himself, with Faith telling Courteney Cox that she wasn’t too excited about letting her hair grow.

Courteney received a message from Faith saying, “That was very difficult. Taylor even called my husband.” VarietyActors on Actors is a series. He said that he was at his nephew’s wedding. “Who will tell her to quit shaving beneath her arms?” “We were at a wedding, our nephew’s wedding. He said to me: “Who is gonna tell your wife that she has to stop shaving under her arms?” He says “No, it’s too late tonight.”

Faith took this part out of her routine. Faith shared, “It really grossed me out. I must say.” “All my respect to all those who are passionate about that and that freedom. Woo!”