Mothers don’t always have the best ideas.

Jennifer Grey was one of the recognizable stars in the 1980s, but after two nose jobs, she became nearly unidentifiable to many. While promoting her memoir, From the Corner the 62-year-old revealed that going under the knife was initially her mother, actress Jo Wilder‘s idea.

She said, “I was very upset at my mother for constantly telling me to do my nose,” PeopleAn interview that was published on April 18th. It was really capitulating, I thought it meant giving up to the enemy. It was just me thinking, “I am good enough.” It shouldn’t take me this long to realize that I don’t need to. This is what I really felt. “I am beautiful enough.”

She admitted that she heard the idea from an early age. Her mom explained to her that her mother was just trying to make things easier and be pragmatic.

She recalled, “It wasn’t like, ‘You’re not beautiful,’” “It’s like, ‘Guess what? Okay, if you don’t wish to act. You can still be an actor …'”