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Coachella Weekend is done. It featured incredible music and celebrity sightings. And, it was all dressed in ultra-trendy clothes.

You can get great outfit ideas for next season by walking from one music band to another if you were able to make it to Coachella. Your Instagram account is likely to be filled with trend inspiration, even if you don’t like music festivals. 

A few trends took center stage this year. Hailey Bieber (Celeb) and Kylie Jenner chose a subdued casual style by pairing white crop tops, blue jeans, and sneakers. The result was a classic look that is cool and timeless. Coachella Style Queen Vanessa Hudgens was more extravagant with her looks, while Harry Styles (headliner for Coachella) went the casual route. No matter what your festival style, you will find the best festival trends to wear all summer.