Vera FarmigaAnd Cherry JonesWe are looking for more than just entertainment. Memorial Day: Five days.

The stars of the Apple TV+ limited series, which premiered Aug. 12, are hoping that viewers will come away from the show with a renewed sense of gratitude for the nurses and doctors who worked tirelessly through the coronavirus pandemic and other events. “Our healthcare workers, our doctors and our nurses, who operate with capital E empathy and determination, especially in the last three years, deserve the spotlight,” Farmiga exclusively told CelebHomes News. I feel our show, in many ways, is an honor for them and a celebration.

Memorial Day: Five days centers on Dr. Anna Pou(Farmiga) & Dr. Susan Mulderick (Jones) as they help patients during Hurricane Katrina, which wreaked havoc in New Orleans and neighboring cities in 2005. The natural disaster forces the doctors to make difficult decisions about the welfare of the patients, as well as their own staff, in the face of turmoil. 

Farmiga stated that she was able to see through Dr. Pou how these doctors “have been called heroes” because of their work. She said that it takes “just the sheer willingness of reporting to duty in disasters”, which is a rare type of human being.”