And while she’s previously admitted she does get tired of hearing the line so often, make no mistake: Coolidge is grateful for her part in Legally Blonde—as she is for the many roles she’s had over the years, which include roles in American Pie, Top ShowAnd the HBO series The White LotusFor this, she received her first Emmy nomination.

“The most disappointing lesson that I learned about a set was the first time I tried to make it work. Legally Blonde, and there was an actor—a television actor that I’d seen on TV, a funny guy­—and he was the parking attendant [for the studio]. And I remember thinking, we have to be grateful,” she told Deadline. “I had an idea. I might be able to do the movie there, then it would return to waitressing. There is no set formula.

Then she continued: “So, it was a great privilege to have this job. This business requires you to feel grateful. Acting is a very exciting job. We have to enjoy the ride because they sometimes don’t happen again. Never.