Not exactly the stuff of fairytales, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with the right mix of honesty and romance, something that’s proven to be a speciality for Swizz. 

There was the time he had Keys’ likeness tattooed on his arm (“It’s so beautiful,” she told Wendy Williams(he called it her favorite present) and the one he did just prior to her 29th Birthday in January 2010. He proposed with a seven-carat diamond and whisked her away to Hawaii for the celebration. Then he presented another gift. 

I lifted the cardboard flaps to reveal large canisters. “I have always wanted you as my canvas,” he said. She shared her autobiography, revealing that the canisters contained body paint in every color possible. He transformed me, stroke for stroke, into his masterpiece by covering my body in yellows, reds, and purples. Nothing has ever been more sensual. So, it was not surprising that I didn’t get my period for a couple of weeks after I had been due. The spring came and we enjoyed the two greatest pleasures of winter: engagement and pregnancy.