Game of ThronesAlum Peter Dinklage is calling out Disney’s live-action Snow White remake.
Recently, the 52-year old actor appeared on The Marc Maron: WTF?podcast where he spoke out about his views on the movie, which is due to start production later in this year. CelebHomes News received confirmation from Disney that it was confirmed last June. West Side Story actress Rachel ZeglerThe title role will be played by Will Smith.
“There is a lot hypocrisy,” Dinklage stated during Jan. 24, episode. While I don’t mean to offend anyone, I admit that it was surprising to me when Snow White was cast as a Latina actor. However, the story is still being told. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. Reconsider what you do there. “It doesn’t make sense to me.”
Dinklage said, “You are progressive in one direction, but you still make that f—king backwards tale about seven dwarfs living together in a cave, what’s the f—k? Did I do anything to help the cause? “I guess that I am not vocal enough.