Medical mystery. 

A patient on the all-new episode tonight of BotchedThis rare condition is so uncommon that her mother was only 13 months old when it became the topic of a report in a medical journal.  

Dr. Paul NassifIn this sneak peak clip, Destiny doesn’t know what to do with Destiny’s situation and asks “What’s the deal?” After examining a photograph of the growth, she decided to look at it.

Thankfully, Dr. Terry DubrowHe was ready to answer: “So Destiny had a Lipoblastoma. It is very rare and rapid-growing benign tumor of childhood. 

Destiny’s family provides additional information once she arrives for the consultation. This includes the fact that her growth appeared in the first three months of her life.  

Destiny’s friend tells her, “It was like a pimple right on her right heel.” Botched docs. “Several months later, I noticed it grew to the size of a marble.”