Fans noticed Joshua, another Disney channel star. As if this wasn’t enough to spark rumors of a possible love triangle Sabrina CarpenterA few videos were posted together and some speculated they were in quarantine. Joshua spoke out about the drama in June 2021 and stated that people don’t understand what they are talking about.
“The fact is, it seems like a lost cause trying talk about any other stuff,” he said. GQ. “And I refuse not to feed any bulls-t, so it’s just that I don’t.”
Joshua encouraged her fans to be focused on Sabrina’s and Olivia’s professional lives, instead of what might or might not be happening in their private lives.[Everyone]”He continued, asking about Sabrina or Olivia.” Why don’t you focus on the women as they really are?” Let’s not focus on how they relate to men, but the amazing art they create and their accomplishments.