Goosebumps Author R. L. Stine Confessions to Childhood Fear

If R.L. Stine first started writing, the best-selling author thought he would be bringing the laughs instead of Goosebumps.

After all, the 78-year-old originally left his hometown of Ohio and headed to New York with an intention of writing funny novels for adults.

But 30 years after Scholastic first introduced the monthly children’s book series known as Goosebumps, the man behind the beloved series can’t believe how his life story ended up.

Stine shared her experience with CelebHomes News, “It’s beyond what I could have ever imagined.” “When GoosebumpsThey were not sold when they first arrived. They sat there on the shelves for many months. They would have been removed today, with all the computer and every other technology. They would’ve vanished. They were gone for three to four months before they were discovered by children who took them to school to show other children.

Stine couldn’t help but recall his childhood full of comic books when he started in the publishing business. Stine said that he was inspired by the horror stories he read as a youngster.Tales from the Crypt and The Vault of Horror were really nasty, horribleAnd all had great twist endings and great artwork.”