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There are just a few days left of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which means all those amazing fashion, home and beauty deals you can only find now will be back to regular price very soon. We’ve compiled a list of our top deals from all the categories, including accessories, shoes and kids’ clothes. We’ve collected a handful of must-haves that we think are worthy to add to your collection if you want to buy menswear for someone you care about or yourself.

The menswear section of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has over 1,600 items including clothing, shoes, accessories, cologne and grooming products. You’ll find everything you need for a transition from summer to autumn, including amazing discounts on brands such as Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren and Vince.

There are some solid choices for those on a limited budget. You’ll find great deals starting at $100. Below are some of the best deals on men’s wear under $100. These are our top picks for men’s wear under $100.