Magazines and the internet show celebrities with luxurious homes you wish you could live in. It’s strange that celebrities feel the need to have a luxurious home. People don’t realize it but you don’t necessarily need to have a big house in order to have a luxurious house. It’s not the size that makes the home luxurious… it’s what you put in the house that makes it luxurious.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to give your house a makeover. You can achieve that celebrity look by making your home clutter-free.

Celebrities love a clean home

Yes, celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us but the one thing they may have on us is that their homes are “seemingly” clean all the time, right? It makes you wonder how they do it… well, with them being a celebrity, they have the luxury of hiring house cleaning services but you also have that luxury as well, if you don’t really have the time to clean up as often as you would like to.

The first step to cleaning is decluttering. When you declutter, you’re getting rid of excess “stuff” you’ve accumulated over time that you no longer use. Whether you choose to donate your things or simply get rid of it, that’s completely up to you, the main thing to remember is that you can’t start your decorating process until your house is clean and free from clutter.

Decluttering your home will make it cleaner and will improve your quality of life. states that clutter is a reflection of life’s unfinished business, meaning if you declutter, you’ll have a clearer mindset to complete things from start to finish. This aspect is something great to have in your bedroom… That can take the form of having an undisturbed night of rest or waking up feeling refreshed and having a great rest of the day. 

Just imagine the feeling you’ll have when your clutter-free room is decorated with luxury. Take a look at the various home decor pieces to add to your bedroom to have you resting in a lap of luxury, and remember, it not the size of the home that makes a home… it’s the luxurious interiorsIt is a celebrity.

Glamorous Lighting: Crystal Chandelier

Its history is what makes chandeliers so special. Although it was humble in its beginnings, the modern chandelier has come a long way since then. A chandelier was specifically used to light up a room and was typically found in dining rooms, hallways, and living rooms… and they definitely weren’t as glamorous as they are now but as time went on, the evolution of the chandelier has drastically changed.

You can still find chandeliers today in many bedrooms, if you want that extra touch of luxury. In the past, chandeliers used candles to lighten a space. However, electricity gradually overtook chandeliers. While chandeliers are still used to light a room, they now have to serve multiple purposes in the modern world of interior design. The chandelier must be capable of lighting a room while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Lavish Walls: PaintColour

You’ve heard the saying “if these walls could talk,” well, what would your walls say? Do they speak a lot or have dull conversations? Your walls will be less interesting if they are a dull white color. That’s when you know it’s time for your bedroom to have a facelift… that’s when you know, you need to look into hiring house painting contractors.

You’re probably thinking that painting is something you could easily do but painting is not as easy as you think it is… why else do you think house painters are required to have special licensing to be considered as a contractor. Plus, if you’re going to do a house makeover like this, you’re going to want it done the right way the first time. You’ll want to choose colors that express luxury:

  • Purple royalty
  • Clean white
  • Plenty of green
  • Black: power

The Grand Headboard: A Bed of Opulence

The bed… you know what they say about the bed… “this is where the magic happens.” Well, in the world of interior design, the bed really is where the magic happens and your headboard is where your eyes are magically drawn to every time you enter the bedroom.

There are actually several different ways to make a headboard “grand.” A lot of celebs have their headboards covered in velvet with tufted buttons throughout it. If your headboard doesn’t have that type of look to it, it’s okay, there are several ways that you can DIY your headboard to have it looking like a brand new headboard.