Instagram is undoubtedly the fastest growing social network. With over 1 billion monthly users, it has become a favorite for many social media marketers. The high number of users has also made the social media platform quite competitive, leaving many aspiring brands and bloggers wondering how they can increase the number of likes and get more views on Instagram.

Improving your Instagram game takes more than posting every day. Keep reading for five essential ways to improve your Instagram game in 2019:

1. Change Your Account from Personal to Business

With an Instagram business account, you have access to features such as profile insights and post statistics which allow you to gain a better understanding of your audience behavior. A business account will show you how many people have viewed your profile, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your audience goes a long way in boosting your Instagram game.

2. Know When and How Often to Post

To experience an Instagram boost, you need to be active to attract more followers and boost engagement. Studies suggest that people view brands that consistently post 1-2 high-quality posts as active.

The problem comes when deciding the best time to post. Some experts recommend posting between 8 AM-9 AM, while others advocate doing it in the afternoon hours between 2 PM and 5 PM.

So, when’s the best time to post?

Honestly, it’s up to you. Rather than following the advice of experts who don’t understand your audience, conduct your own follower research. Use features like insights that allow you to identify when your audience is most active, meaning you can schedule your posts to ensure maximum engagement.

3. Offer Unique Content That Tells Stories

Instagram is full of mediocre content masquerading as quality visual storytelling. Break away from the herd by thinking outside the box and you will see a drastic increase in the number of likes you get on every post.

When it comes to unique content, memes are some of the easiest to create. Using Adobe Spark’s meme generator, you can create unique and eye-catching memes within minutes.

Not all customers want to see ads so find a way to make the ads unique through GIFS and memes.

4. Focus on User-Generated Content

According to research, customers trust user-generated content (UGC) 76% more than brand advertisements. To ensure legal use of UGC, ensure you mention the account of the person whose content you are using.

User-Generated Content helps to increase engagement, noted in the Delta Airways #TravelChangedMe campaign. The airlines teamed up with travel influencers and asked followers to share stories of how travel had changed their minds. This approach increased the number of views and online bookings.

5. Optimization Will Go a Long Way to Improving Your Instagram Game

Every time you post a photo, video, or story, you should think about optimizing them with hashtags if you’re thinking about how to increase likes on Instagram. Adding your location to your posts can help improve your exposure and engagement.

Using custom hashtags that users can use when they post any photos or videos relating to your campaign is a proven tactic on how to boost your Instagram. Hashtags also allow you to keep track of the content that your followers are responding to, and better interact with your audience.

Improving Your Instagram Game Takes Effort

Merely posting on Instagram does not cut it. Captivate your audience using unique photos, videos, and stories that tell micro-stories about your brand. Is there a social issue that ties in with your product? Create a short film or post a series of photos to tell a story and your Instagram game will start to level up.

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