The only difference between your bedroom and a celebrity’s bedroom (other than perhaps size) is that they have a lot more money to throw into the decorating process. By no means does mean that you can’t pull off luxurious look in your room without spending all your cash. Just follow these simple guidelines to create your personal VIP bedroom.

Express Your Personality

There is no blueprint for a celebrity bedroom. Walking into Kanye West’s vs Kelly Clarkson’s room is going to be a completely different experience, so when you show people around your newly decorated home, walking into your bedroom should be also be a unique experience that shows off your personality.

The general theme of your room can range anywhere from minimalistic to industrial to tropical or elegant. It can be helpful to make mood boards and gather ideas for different themes before you pick one to roll with.

Having exposed floorboards or a titled floor gives you the opportunity to use area rugs. As simple as it sounds, they can look very classy and give you plenty of creative freedom with colours, patterns and textures. The best thing about rugs is that they can be easily switched up to create a new mood.

Maintain Functionality

Sure, celebrities can afford amazing makeup artists and extravagant spa days to cover up their tiredness and appear more rested and relaxed, but the reality is that their bedrooms don’t just look cool, they’re functional, too.

A successful bedroom should be a place you can really relax and actually get some shut eye, so as tempting as going big and bold might be, maybe save those bold colours and vibrant artwork for your living room? When it comes to your bedroom you ought to pick your colour scheme carefully as the colour of your room can affect your sleep, your mood, and even your love life!

Of course when it comes to functionality, your bed is the centrepiece (literally). Pick a frame and covers that accentuate your theme, but make sure to invest in a high quality hybrid mattress to ensure your bed actually does its job. A good bed frame will also have plenty of storage incorporated which will help you keep organised and avoid your room getting cluttered and un-celeb like.

Create Space and Light

You might not have the same square footage on your house as George Clooney, but there are several tricks you can play to maximise the illusion of how much space you have. Decorate with mirrors so that the natural light bounces around and the reflections makes the room appear larger. 

Play around with fancy light fittings which when hung in the right places can add height as well as extra light and class in the form of a unique feature, such as this industrial chandelier from Wish.

Perhaps the simplest trick of all is hanging ceiling to floor curtains over windows, despite them not being that tall. This makes the windows appear larger and adds height to whole room, giving of that luxurious feel of extra space.

By picking the right furniture pieces and accessories, you create a room that gives off a vibe way above its actual budget.