I think we will all agree that celebs have the power of bringing great change to society. What they do others follow because they do it with such style. And great style is another thing all these 6 green homes have in common. The first is obviously the green standards these homes were built on. 

4 Celeb Green Homes

If you are planning on building a green home, you will find some great idea with these celeb homes:

Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle own USA’s greenest, most sustainable home. And it doesn’t come as a surprise considering how actively Begley supports environmentalism.

Begley built his home to comply with one of the strictest energy regulations, LEEDS Platinum standards. The LEED standard overview a home’s design from its construction to the final structure, making sure all aspects comply with sustainability standards.

Located in Studio City part of LA, Begley chose the place carefully looking for a place that got lots of sun exposure to allow him to build and depend on solar panels for power. The existing home on the property was deconstructed and donated to a charity, Habitat for Humanity.

Begley hired designer and architect, William Hefne to build a French Mediterranean home. To make sure the house compiled with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum standard, Begley brought in Scott Harris.

Some sustainable features of the modest home include water-saving bells, solar panels, energy-saving devices, LED lights, rain barrels to make use of rainwater. You can learn a lot more about energy compliant homes from Begley in his web series, On Begley Street.

Lisa Lang

Lisa Lang, of the Planet in Peril fame, has built the first energy-neutral home in Santa Monica along with her husband. Designed alongside the architect, Marco DiMaccio, the existing property on the home was first deconstructed and recycled through waste management. The property’s wood, metal, concrete, and drywall was donated to Habitat for Humanity. Some of the materials were reused in the home’s existing structure.

To make the home energy neutral, the home uses natural light to the maximum advantage. Also, the home was built keeping in mind to take advantage of natural air circulation. There is no air conditioning the home! The home depends on solar energy and other sustainable energy sources for the rest of its power needs.

All the other materials in the home are used taking into consideration their carbon footprint. For instance, the pool is built used fiberglass which doesn’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. Even the landscaping outside requires minimal maintenance and is created using a zero-water wastage.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has also gone to great lengths to ensure her home in Santa Barbara doesn’t add undue strain to the environment. Designed by David Hertz, her beach home depends on the natural ventilation system. There is no central air-conditioning in the home. The motorized sunroof helps release hot air. Also, on the sunroof, the home has solar panels. These generate all the electricity needed to power the house.

The materials used in the construction are either reclaimed or sustainable materials.

Naturally, all appliances are energy efficient. The actress claims that energy bills for the home have gone down by half after the green renovations. This alone is enough reason to build a green home. 

Daryl Hannah

Popular environmental activist, Hannah owns a charming 2-bedroom home in Malibu, California. Daryl Hannah’s humble home is a refreshing change from the usual thousand-acre homes most celebs own. Though the actual property is a 17.6-acre land, Hannah chose to allocate a very small portion to building her property. The rest is left to natural landscaping where you’ll find many exotic plants and trees. There is also a fenced pasture for deer and other farm animals. You will also find a vineyard space and an irrigated orchard.

The rest of the property is divided into three structures. The first is a hunting lodge, with much of its original structure intact. The few changes made to the lodge is a Japanese soaking tub, a walk-in closet, and the very popular floor heating system.

The second structure is a casual lodge. And the third is a guest room with lots of natural lighting and a beautiful view of the Pacific coastline. Both are powered by an in-built solar system.

The home is the property of her husband Neil Young, who bought the place from Hannah in 2016 for $3.6 million dollars.

Inspired by these green homes? A green home might cost more during construction, but it makes up for the cost by saving up energy in the years to come. It does mostly by cutting down utility costs.

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