Hannah BrownThis juicy memoir is hard to miss Tyler CameronThis is the year of the holiday tree.

Fast a month afterwards Bachelorette star released her first book God Bless this MessSome fans might be curious if Tyler’s most well-known exes bought a copy to read. Tyler admitted that he had not yet read the book during an interview with CelebHomes News. Tyler also revealed that he loves his ex and has no other feelings.

She’s doing well, I think. “I think she’s doing OK,” he stated on Dec. 17. It sounds like she has a great man. We’re cool. She is my best friend.

According to the reality star, there are many books that I am currently reading. It hasn’t made it to the list. I would appreciate it if somebody gets it. [this holiday]It will be quite funny, I’ll say it.”

Hannah wrote a memoir about her time as ABC’s Bachelorette. She dated Tyler throughout the season.