In front of the girls EuphoriaEvery Sunday evening, the Internet was broken. Degrassi legend Manny Santos who ruled the school.

Manny was seen walking the Degrassi Community School halls in a iconic scene that is instantly recognizable from season three of the hit cult series. She wore a thong above her jeans and the impressionable eyes of that era never looked the same. 

Manny draws now direct comparisons with Euphoria lightning rod Maddy Perez, played by Alexa Demie. Manny Santos said that actresses were her top priority. Cassie Steele, who played the dynamic leading lady on The Next Generation of Degrassi for nine seasons, the comparison mostly checks out. 

An interview with Nylon, Steele said she had heard rumblings about the Manny-Maddy similarities, so she had to check it out for herself. She was shocked at what she found. She said that she found these pants and that it was Manny-esque. Manny’s looks are making a comeback because of this.