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It’s officially summer, and that means the start of Cancer season. If you were born between June 21 and July 22, we got professional astrologer Clarisse Monahan to share some insights into what you can expect for your year ahead. We can all agree that the universe will be on your side in this year.

If you’ve got a huge goal or dream you’ve been struggling to get anywhere with, your birthday horoscope says you may finally see some movement in the right direction over the next year. 

Astrology has each sign a ruling planet. This influences the sign’s behavior and personality. Your ruling planet for Cancer is the Moon. You’ll find things flow better when the Moon is at a favorable position in the sky. Cancer will host the New Moon of June 28, which is a good thing because it’s in its native planet. Monahan says this day will bring you luck. When a planet is at “home” in the sign it rules, its powers get “supercharged” and you’ll get some extra support at manifesting your dreams.