Hear Dr. Phil’s Surprising Take on Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson

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Dr. Phil EXPLAINS Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson!

You are in good hands.

Dr. PhilCelebHomes News stopped this Daily Pop on Tuesday, Nov. 9 to deliver an important diagnosis on several rumored celebrity couples, starting with none other than Kim KardashianAnd Pete Davidson  

Talk to Daily PopHost (and his daughter in law!) Morgan Stewartand guests hosts Bobby BerkThis is Queer EyeProduced Mona Scott-Young, Dr. Phil got straight to the point: “Oh, I think they’re dating.”

Mona asked for clarification and said, “Hooking up to headlines or actually, Really“Dating”

According to Dr. Phil, the answer doesn’t necessarily have to be one or two. 

It’s possible to do both. He agreed. He said, “That doesn’t mean that you can’t monetize your relationships. You can monetize your relationship if you feel it’s beneficial to both of you.

His take was that Dr. Phil had known Kim for “a long while”, and that Pete only recently became his friend. He described Pete as “a really nice person.”