Tyler Cameron Talks Running the NYC Marathon for His Mom

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CelebHomes: Please tell us all about your mother and the legacy you’re carrying forward with this foundation and every day.
TC. She loves people even though they have never met my mother. It was her favorite show. She was a huge fan of all diehards and made many new friends. Even though she never got to meet them in person, she enjoyed the DM conversations. It was a joy for my mom to meet and talk with others. People have reached out to me telling me how my mom helped them through bad days and how much she influenced them. Even though she may not have met anyone, her desire to give back and to be kind was pure instinct. A single person can make a difference for many people.

Because she is 55, we are wearing jerseys that have the number 55 on them. It’s amazing. It’s so fragile. As a reminder, I wanted that number to be there. It is an encouragement to stay in the now.

CelebHomes: How does all this play into training for the marathon This is a complex event that has many facets, including charitable, athletic and emotional aspects. What can you do to prepare?
TC: It’s cool to have this charity backing us and use that as motivation. I’ve got six guys running with me. All the local homies. Phil, a man from Philadelphia who recently lost his mother. He’s been my trainer since I was seven. I consider him a big brother. He has been a best friend to my mom. My mom’s death was difficult for him, as well as the passing of his mom this year. For us to to use this marathon to put our minds into something totally pulls us out of a dark place. You don’t have to dwell in darkness, you can look for light through marathons. That is why I love it.

Because there is so much love and support between people, I think it’s my favorite day of the year. You don’t see that much support from strangers, so it’s everyone helping someone they don’t even have the chance to meet. It’s amazing to see everyone supporting each other.