The “Fine Line” singer performed at Coachella in April, debuting the song “Boyfriends,” which will be on his upcoming album, Harry’s House. Apple Music’s Harry said that he did have a rough demo ready of the song when he was working on his second album in 2019, 2019. Fine Line. He didn’t rush the song and decided that it would take its time. Ben Harper was the first to join the song and it began to become clearer. 

“I think that the great part of [“Boyfriends”]Harry stated that this is because it is all.” “It is both accepting my own behaviour. This involves looking at behaviors that I have seen. Because I was raised with a sister and have seen her interact with people over the years, it is also watching my friends and family date other people. People don’t always treat one another well. 

He said, “It wasn’t one of those quick, just let it be what you think about boyfriends.”

Harry’s House is slated to release on May 20.