Chrishell StauseAnd G FlipYou have moved to Down Under.

They went public about their relationship earlier in this month. The Sunset SellingStar, aged 40, and musician, 27 shared photos from their May 15 Instagram Story.

What was the Aussie’s itinerary? The two made sure to spend some quality (or dare we say koala-tea?) They spent some quality (or dare we say koala-tea?) time at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Chrishell shared some snaps, including one of Chrishell giving her kangaroo many scratches and taking care of it. G Flip posted a couple of more photos from their visit to share some roos with a lizard.

Also, the pair posted clips from riding on a boat along Sydney Harbour. Chrishell captured sights like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and her Koala hat. Chrishell had her first Tim Tam experience while out on the harbor.